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iSchool Entrepreneur


Dan Goldberg's calendar is filled with entrepreneurship competitions and connecting with people who can help him continue to push forward. Read more.


From starting the nation's first degree-granting college of fine arts to throwing open its doors to veterans to blazing a trail with the first iSchool, Syracuse University has always been a proud original. Explore and discover how!

Fast Forward

Ensuring a strong, smart, and sustainable future for Syracuse University. Read more.

Committed to Inclusion and Accessibility


Syracuse University values diversity, is committed to inclusion and seeks to provide access for all people, including those with disabilities. Visit Accessible SU for the latest information on disability and accessibility at SU.

I'm Thankful For ...

On the "Sound Beat"

Tune in to “Sound Beat,” and you never know what you’re going to hear. It could be an old vaudeville routine, or canaries tweeting the “Emperor Waltz.” Read more.

Geologists Shed Light on Formation of Alaska Range

Professor Paul Fitzgerald and a team of students and fellow scientists have been studying the Alaska Range along the Denali fault. Read more.

Democratizing Knowledge Collective Receives Mellon Grant

The campus-wide project is designed to foster a model of exchange between community- and scholar-activists.  Read more.

Students Establish Art Bench to Connect Communities

A group of students with the Community Ambassadors Program has established a bench, which is both a piece of art and a functional seating area. Read more.

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Chancellor Kent Syverud


Syracuse University's 12th Chancellor, Kent Syverud, shares his thoughts with the SU community in his "Bleeding Orange" blog. 

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Inauguration Day 2014

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