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Loan Exit Counseling

For Students Leaving the University:

The Department of Education requires that you complete a Loan Counseling session at the time that you separate from the University to ensure that you are aware of both your rights and your responsibilities as a federal loan borrower. You can use the following links to access your exit counseling session, or go to your MySlice To Do List.

Undergraduate and Graduate Borrowers

Federal Stafford/Direct and Grad Plus Loan Exit Counseling
--Your Federal PIN is needed to complete this session.

Federal Perkins Loan Exit Counseling
--If you are a Perkins loan borrower, you must complete a Perkins Loan Exit Counseling Session located on the Student Debt Management web site.

Additional, Personalized Loan Counseling

In addition to the required online counseling session, the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarship Programs will be offering personalized student loan sessions Monday - Friday from April 27th-May 1st. Click here to sign up for one of these sessions.

Click here for information on your federal loan repayment options and loan forgiveness programs.

Educational Loan Calculator

Use the loan calculator to estimate your monthly payments.

Cancel/Reduce Your Current Loan or Federal TEACH Grant

Fill out this form to cancel or reduce your current loan(s) or Federal TEACH grant.