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Intellectual Life

Learning at Syracuse University extends beyond the classroom. Here are some of the ways SU enhances classroom learning in the City of Syracuse, throughout the country, and beyond.

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Learning Communities

Class on Carnegie steps

Learning communities allow you to live and take classes with a group of students who all are joined by a common interest or academic major. Participation in a learning community allows you to develop skills and attitudes that support academic achievement, improved quality of thinking and communications, a  better understanding of yourself and others, and a greater ability to balance your academic and social lives.

Read more about Learning Communities at Syracuse University.

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The University Lectures

Vice President Al Gore

This special lecture series, recognized as one of the premier lecture series of its kind in the country, brings accomplished and notable presenters to the campus every year. Past presenters include (former) Vice President Al Gore, Henry T. King, Jr. (noted jurist), David McCullough (Pulitzer Prize-winning author), Garrison Keillor (author, satirist, and radio personality), and Robert Satloff (executive director of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy), to name but a few.

Learn more about the University Lectures.

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Syracuse University Art Collections

Painting by Harry Gottlieb

The Syracuse University Art Collections is comprised of a diverse, encyclopedic group of fine art and ethnographic objects by international makers and represents styles and time periods from pre-history to the present. Important collections include 20th century American paintings and prints, 20th century American photography, 19th century European painting, 15th through 20th century western graphic art, Korean ceramics, Pre-Columbian ceramics and fabrics, and folk art from the subcontinent India.

Find out more about the campus art exhibitions and the Syracuse University Art Collections.

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Community Involvement

Habitat For Humanity students

The Mary Ann Shaw Center for Public and Community Service (CPCS) provides community-based service opportunities that can be integrated with curriculum and encourages you to become engaged citizens.

More than 5,000 volunteers contributed 500,000 hours of community service through CPCS last year.

Learn more about CPCS, just one of many avenues through which SU students are working everyday to make our world a better place.

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