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Cost of Attendance

Cost of Attendance 2014-2015
Undergraduate Students

The cost of attendance is the estimated total amount that it will cost you to attend Syracuse University. The total financial aid award cannot exceed this estimate. Your actual costs for direct charges (those billable by SU) can vary based on fees at specific schools/colleges and other choices made regarding housing and meal plans. In addition, indirect expenses (non-billable) such as books, transportation and other educational costs may vary based on individual needs.

The estimated cost of attendance is provided so you may make informed and appropriate plans for financing your University education. After financial aid awards are taken into consideration, you are expected to meet all remaining needs. The Office of Financial Aid recognizes that students at SU choose a variety of living arrangements; therefore, we use a blended room and board rate to determine financial aid eligibility.

The cost of attendance may vary due to program of study and program fees.

Billable Costs Other Expenses (average)
Tuition $40,380 Books & Supplies $1,378
Housing & Meals 14,460 Transportation 626
Miscellaneous Fees 1,506 Personal Expenses 970
Total $56,346 Total $2,974
Total Cost of Attendance $59,320

Charges for tuition, housing, meals and fees are subject to increase annually. Such cost increases are necessary to secure the highest quality instruction, facilities, programs, and services for students. The University considers carefully all increases in fees to ensure that they are reasonable. It is important for students and families to plan for annual cost increases and to be prepared for the financial commitment.

Cost of Attendance 2014-2015
Graduate Students

The total amount of financial aid that students may receive for an academic year (fall and spring semesters) cannot exceed the Cost of Attendance. The estimated Cost of Attendance for graduate students is listed below.

Billable Costs Other Expenses (average)
Tuition $24,138* Books & Supplies $844
Fees 774 Personal Expenses 1,890
Housing 9,274 Transportation 1,360
Meals 3,100 Loan Fee 860
Total $37,686 Total $4,954
Total Cost of Attendance $42,240
*Graduate students are charged tuition at a rate of $1,341 per credit hour. The above estimate is based on 18 credit hours for the academic year.

Cost of attendance estimates cover the expenses for only the graduate student attending school. The cost of attendance cannot be increased to cover living expenses for other family members. Your family expenses are taken into consideration by the federal methodology formula in calculating the Expected Family contribution (EFC) from the information you provide on your FAFSA.

Net Price Calculator

Prospective students considering a Syracuse University education may use our Net Price Calculator to estimate eligibility for financial aid at SU.  To see how affordable an SU education can be, click here.

Financial Aid and My Bursar bill

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Law College Students

The cost of attendance for students whose aid is administered through Syracuse University Law College  can be found at the Syracuse University College of Law Financial Aid Office.

University College Students

The cost of attendance for students whose aid is administered through University College (this includes the Independent Study Degree Programs/Distance Education) and all non-matriculated graduate students, can be found at the University College of Syracuse University Financial Aid Office.