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Viewing Financial Aid Information on MySlice

Your financial aid on MySlice is designed to keep you apprised of your financial aid status and can be used to determine if a student has any outstanding financial aid requirements (To Do List). Students admitted to the University may also view their financial aid award and estimated expenses on MySlice.

Students may access their Financial Aid online using MySlice, the University's online information center. We suggest using Mozilla Firefox as your Internet Browser when accessing MySlice.

To Access MySlice:

STEP 1: Activate the SU NetID
To use MySlice, students must first activate their NetID and create a password. You will need your SUID number. The NetID is a personal identifier that is used to access SU computing resources. You may activate the NetID and set up a password by going to the NetID web site. Click on "Activate Your NetID," view the video on safe computing, and follow the directions to activate your NetID.

STEP 2: View Financial Aid "To Do List" and "My Financial Aid"
Login to MySlice using your NetID and password created in Step 1 above.

Then select the "My To Do List" to review outstanding financial aid filing requirements.

After receiving our Financial Aid Award Notice, select "My Financial Aid" to view your financial aid and estimated costs.

STEP 3: Set up Additional Access
A parent/guardian may be granted access to the applicant's MySlice financial aid information. Login to MySlice and click on the link "Set Up Additional Access."

If you need help setting up your NetID, contact SU's Information Technology and Services (ITS) by calling (315) 443-2677, Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Types of Financial Aid

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Financial Aid Timelines

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Entering Undergraduate Students
Returning Undergraduate Students
Graduate Students

Frequently Asked Questions

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Financial Aid Terminology

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